Auditory problems and Language/Reading problems.

Children with Central Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD) often display some or all of these problems at a very early age:

·        Delayed language

·        Problems with sounds of words (trouble rhyming, confusing words that sound alike)

·        Expressive language difficulties (mispronunciations, hesitations, finding ”wrong” words)

·        Difficulty naming (letters of the alphabet, names of numbers, days of the week)

Later on followed by these problems:

·        Problems following directions

·        Frequent daydreaming

·        Inattention

·        Use of empty or non-specific language

·        Problems organizing (stories, work, play things)

·        Use of short sentences with little detail or elaboration

·        Problems understanding idioms and metaphors

·        Slow to get the point

·        Spelling problems

·        Reading problems

If some or all of these problems are manifest, the child may have a specific learning (reading) problem and should be carefully assessed.