Conference & training.


The first International  Conference on ADT/HSAS/JST


was held at  Holiday Inn Azores, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores 4th,  5th  and 6th of August 2007.


Saturday Aug. 4th:

09:30-10:20  Kjeld Johansen: Welcome and presentation of participants.

10:20-10:40  Coffee break.

10:40-11:30  Camilla Leslie, Scotland, UK: APD – is ADT/HSAS/JST a possibility?

11:35-12:25    Gisela Forsström & Paula Widlund, Finland: SENSO LOVIISA – how is our center organized and what have we obtained?

12:30-14:00  Lunch break.

14:00-14:50  J.  Beelen & Wim de Zwart, Holland: Presentation of the Dutch ADT/HSAS/JST study.

14:50-15:10  Coffee break.

15:10-16:00  Bent-Peder Holbech, Denmark: What’s the colour of a G-minor?

16:00-17:00  Discussions: How do we shape the future for ADT/HSAS/JST.


Sunday Aug. 5th:

09:00-18:00    Sight-seeing to Nordeste, the highest part of Sao Miguel.  During the tour time for informal discussions.

19:00- 22:00 “Conference Dinner” at Hotel De S. Pedro,  Ponta Delgada.


Monday Aug. 6th:

09:30-10:20  Irene & Mats Niklasson, Sweden: Presentation of some results from Sweden. Own

                             results and reports from some of our trained providers and practitioners.

10:20-10:40  Coffee break.

10:40-11:30  Kari & Jon Done, Missouri, USA: Can HSAS providers be trained via the net?

                             Presentation of a training program and our experiences with it.

11:35-12:25  Sara Cook, Minneapolis, USA: Our work at ACTG/NVS and results from recent


12:30-14:00  Lunch break.

14:00-14:50  Gitte Fjordbo, Denmark & USA: Mandibular joint problems and hearing.

14:50-15:10  Coffee break

15:10-17:00    Discussion: Mutual protocols for training of therapists and  for research, to keep the standard.  How do we come further? How do we best develop? 

                            Working groups for professional standards and ethics, mutual training protocols, research, and for organizing of the next conference were established. Mrs. Camilla Leslie, Edinburgh was elected as the ADT/HSAS/JST secretary.


Planned training courses and updates by BDRL 2007:

January 29th – 31st  Senso Loviisa, Finland. (Closed training course).

March   13th -  16th  Tejn, Bornholm, DK. (Closed training course).

June      14th – 17th  INPP Germany, Laboe. Training course. Contact Thake Hansen-Lauf.

June      18th – 19 th INPP Germany, Schönberg. Follow up.    Contact Katrin Sanne.

August    4th -   6 th  Azores, Portugal. (Closed conference).

Sept.      12th &14th Gällivare, Sweden. (Closed training course).

Sept.     14th  - 16th  Stockholm, Sweden. (Closed traing course).

Sept.     24th -          Pisa, Italy. Training course. Contact Manolo Dominquez.

Oct.       06th - 7th    Edinburgh, Scotland. Follow up. Contact Camilla Leslie.