Kjeld V. Johansen, MSc (psychology), PhD (education).

Psychologist/Educator. Born 1937 near Roskilde, DK. Director  of Baltic Dyslexia Research Lab ApS (Ltd.) – (Founded 1975).

1954-1960 service in Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF).

1963 graduated from teacher training college (Haderslev State College, DK).

1984 PhD in Education (PWU, L.A., www.pwu-ca.edu) and director BDRL.

2001 MSc  in Psychology (CCU, CA, www.calcoast.edu).

1963-1972 classroom teacher (math and science).

1972–2000 viceprincipal, principal, lecturer (teacher training, DPU), and educational consultant. 

2000-         director Baltic Dyslexia Research Lab, lecturer, educational consultant

Author of books in math for children and adults (in Danish).

Developed ADT/HSAS/JIAS/JIAS (Auditory Discrimination Training/Hemisphere Specific Auditory Stimulation/Johansen Individualized Auditory Stimulation).

(JIAS Johansen Individualized Auiditory Stimulatio is IADT Individualized Auditory Discrimination Training  through IHSAS Individualized Hemisphere Specific Auditory Stimulation  using newly developed computer technology and software for assessments and for recordings of individual stimulation CDs for use at home or at school)=.

Author of books and several articles on hearing, (C)APD, language development and developmental dyslexia.

Lecturer at conferences, seminars and training courses in Scandinavia, Europe, the UK, Ireland, the U.S., Canada and New Zealand.

1995 Recorded in Marquis Who’s Who in the World, Twelfth Edition (US)

1995 Award for Unique Contribution to Dyslexia Research and Remediation by INPP, Chester, UK.

2007 Member of the International Honour Society DELTA EPSILON TAU

Lifetime member of the International Dyslexia Association (US), www.interdys.org

Member of the New York Academy of Sciences (US), www.nyas.org

Member of the Dyslexia Research Trust (UK), www.dyslexic.org.uk


In 1997 a group of American universities offering distance learning programs founded the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society (DET) to honour distance learning students graduating with an average of “A”.

In 2001 Kjeld Johansen graduated with a major in psychology (MSc) and in May 2007 he was by the Chapter at the California Coast University, Gamma of California, elected to membership in DET.


In 2007 the group of International Directors for the Johansen program (now working in more than 20 countries worldwide) decided to rename the program: Johansen Individualized Auditory Stimulation (JIAS).

Recent professional updates:

Dec. 2009: Central Auditory Processing. Part of Masterclasses in Advanced Audiology (MCAA), Univ. College, London (UCL).

May 2011: Auditory Processing and Language Disorders (MCAA-UCL).

Oct. 2012: Auditory Processing and Language Disorders: Current Science and Clinical Practice (MCAA-UCL).