How to get in touch.


Baltic Dyslexia Research Laboratory ApS  (BDRL) may be reached by

Mail:        Roe Skolevej 14, DK-3760 Gudhjem, Bornholm, Denmark.

Phone:     (+45) 5648 4043

Fax:         (+45) 5648 4043


Educated therapists who want to use the newest technique to format individual CDs for the purpose of JohansenIAS may contact BDRL or a JIAS National Director.


By contact to a National Director or by searching a website you may find a JIAS provider in your area.




Kjeld Johansen, BDRL, Rö, Gudhjem, Bornholm   



Look at Sweden.



Thake Hansen-Lauff, Laboe & Katrin Sanne, Schönberg                               



Wim de Zwart, Broekhin, NL                              



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Manolo Dominguez, Istituti Fay, Querceta, Italy                                                                      



Glynis Brummer, Auckland, NZ 



Anne Berg, Motorikksenteret, Trondheim                                                                             





SLOVAKIA and Czech Rep.:

Katarina Sipos, Bratislava



Alicia Bastos Sancho, AF desarollo integral, Madrid                 



Ragnvald Jonsson, Ctr. F. Sensomotorisk Utvikling




Camilla Leslie, Edinburgh                                                                                                      


USA (North):

Sara Cook, A Chance to Grow, Minneapolis                                                                         


USA (South):

Kari Done, Rogersville, Missouri                                                                                           


Other sites:

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How to become a  member of the JIAS/ADT/HSAS/JST-team

IAS: Individualized Auditory Stimulation.  ADT: Auditory Discrimination Training. HSAS: Hemisphere Specific Auditory Stimulation. JST: Johansen Sound Therapy.


§1.  Have a solid basic knowledge in the field of children with learning disabilities (teacher, speech-   /language therapist, psychologist, nurse, physio- or behavior therapist, occupational therapist, etc.).


§2.  Attend a training course (3-4 days) given by Baltic Dyslexia Research Lab ApS (BDRL) or by a recognized instructor (supervisor) who is experienced in the work with customized tapes or CDs.


§3.  Agreement type 1 (PROVIDERS): When you feel qualified in the assessment procedures you send your recorded audiograms, suggestions for therapy tapes or CDs and suggested customizing to your supervisor or to BDRL,  who will supply the customized tapes or CDs - and comment on your suggestions.


§4.  Agreement type 2 (PRACTITIONERS): In 12-18  months, after further training and on your supervisors recommendation you yourself may start to produce customized recordings for your own clients based on a production agreement through your supervisor with ROTNA. You’ll then receive a set of Master CDs plus  labels. Or you may (still based on your supervisors recommendations) buy a recording system via your supervisor with all music integrated. A copyright label from ROTNA must be attached to every tape or CD produced. Labels are paid for every 3 months (in EUR) when tapes or CDs have been recorded and sold and/or handed out to clients. Practitioners must once a year participate in up-date training.


§5.  Agreement type 3 (SUPERVISORS): Team-members living abroad and who have for a number of years worked satisfactorily according to Ag. 2 may after negotiations with BDRL and ROTNA be given permission to produce CDs (also using the Sensograph) for other therapists and fitted with own labels the design of which must be approved by ROTNA. Royalty must be paid every three months (in EUR) and if using Master CD’s they must be renewed as stated in §7. This agreement involves responsibility as a supervisor for Providers and Practitioners and an obligation to promote the system.

(Supervisors may for themselves make specific  payment arrangements with therapists whom they supervise).


§6.  Agreement type 4. BDRL may for each country/region appoint a  National Director & Chief Supervisor.


§7.  Master CDs must be renewed after five years of use to keep the quality. New master CDs are ordered from ROTNA by mail or fax. After having received the new master CDs the old ones are returned to ROTNA with payment (EUR 15,- + VAT + P&P).  After Jan 1st 2005 all payments to ROTNA must be in EUR.

In the UK and the US, master CDs  from ROTNA will be available through the  supervisors.


§8.  Music publisher ROTNA owns all rights to the music. All agreements must be negotiated with ROTNA. Copyrights valid for three years are given in signed contracts between the user and ROTNA.

This is also the case if you want to store the masters on your PC-hard disk and to copy from that.


§9.  Music publisher ROTNA is obliged to mail master CDs, and labels within 8 working days after reception of orders, provided all earlier payments have been received in due time.


§10.  Retail prices for tapes/CDs must in each region be agreed upon by the National Director and by ROTNA.


§11.  Therapists have the responsibility for the clients’ returning of used customized recordings for destruction.

Centers working with Johansen Individualized Auditory Stimulation (JIAS) are located in different parts of the world. New centers and therapists are trained every year. Only therapists listed by the national directors are recognized by Baltic Dyslexia Research Lab as trained to use JIAS.